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A further realization

Posted in Uncategorized by z on 2011-03-01

In one of my earlier posts I proposed the idea that the notion of community is far more important than any of the reasons that divide us, such as the methods in how we should achieve liberation.

In fact, the reasons for these divisions come up not primarily because of other trans people within our community, not really, but because of an inherently kyriarchical society. (Of course, some people may have actual, immediate issues with other trans people, but this isn’t really the issue.)

Why is the HBS crowd really antagonistic with other trans people who do not have their views? They claim to separate themselves from other trans people, and claim that they are the “real” trans people, and that everyone else in our community is making them look bad. Why should the HBS crowd care about looking bad? Because, in our society, we have abrogated our natural rights to government, for the tyranny of the majority to grant back towards us. Of course some factions of trans people would care what the majority think of them, if this were the case!

Let me clarify immediately that saying this is not intended to excuse or pander to the behaviors of the HBS crowd — we have enough divisiveness in our community already that internal sniping is counterproductive — I say this to illustrate that a reasonable deduction from these separatist ideas is that this separatism is done to serve cisgender comfort, not for any section of the trans community.

Do the socialist contingent of the trans community divide against any other political ideology because other political ideologies are wrong, or because if they don’t implement their system, trans liberation won’t be fully achieved? Do those trans people involved with transphobic media defend it because they are content with that media, or because they would rather have a little bit of exposure of trans people in the media, even if it plays to cisgender fears and stigma?

The answers to these questions could be anything, and ultimately, the answers don’t really matter as much. We need to deconstruct our motives for our discontent internal to our community. Cisgender people and the rest of our kyriarchical society don’t validate our community, our rights, our existence, our humanity. We are the only ones who can do it.