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Posted in Uncategorized by z on 2010-03-09

The natural corollary to my previous post necessitates a reexamination of nihilism, I believe; a philosophy of existence that, as Wikipedia puts it, “negates one or more meaningful aspects of life”.

I do reject the notion that life is absent of meaning: we have meaningful relationships, meaningful interests, etc. Let me however introduce a neologism, that an action is pointful, or has a point where performing the action leads to a new state or condition of existence. Reading a textbook or going to a class is meaningful and pointful, because after the action is performed, one is more educated and knowledgeable about the topic.

I submit that life, while comprised of meaningful and pointful enterprises, is itself pointless. I suppose it is open to say whether it makes sense to ascribe pointfulness to existence, but life and existence has no point in and of itself. We do the things we do to prolong our existence, to entertain it, to experience novelty in some form or another, but existence has no real goal, no consequence. We exist because it is, possibly, more interesting to do so rather than to not exist, and existence carries with it associated requirements that necessitate meaningful actions that further it, but we do not exist because we have some outcome in mind, that we exist because we are furthering some goal or purpose.


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