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On “stealth”

Posted in Uncategorized by z on 2009-09-30

I really should have a spine and stop reading PHB. Especially after this.

I can’t believe that some trans people seem to want to tear down and attack other trans people for their completely valid decisions, especially decisions that matter as to whether they live or die.

Let me spell it out. Stealth* does not imply that you’re a bad trans person. Stealth does not imply that you’re not a trans activist, or that the fact that you’re stealth and choose not to out yourself widely mean that you’re incapable of defending and upholding trans rights.

It is that simple.

Doing anything that defends and upholds trans right is good activism. You can do that if you’re out to everyone you meet, or if you’re deep stealth. You can donate to organizations that help and care for trans people if you’re out or if you’re stealth.

We should be looking at other trans people by their contributions to the cause, not their personal decisions. Our opponents tear us down enough by attacking us for our personal decisions enough, thank you very much.

* While there’s many degrees of stealth, and sadly stealth usually gets conflated with deep stealth, that doesn’t change my point.


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