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Posted in Uncategorized by z on 2009-09-10

While I prepare some draft posts on some lengthier topics, let’s revisit Caster Semenya again.

The media are gleefuly reporting that Caster’s “gender test” is in, and she’s intersex (eg., here).

Neglecting the whole sickening affair, there is the potential for things to get ugly now. I don’t know much about South Africa, but the country rallied around her in light of this. And now, they find that Caster is intersex — what are they going to do now? Toe the old cisgender line and drop all mention of her, shun her, never to speak of her again? Or are they going to stand by her in future? Or something else?

Caster’s life is going to be thoroughly ruined now, thanks to the spoilt, entitled voices of the few who sent her off to the army of gender testers who felt that they looked more appropriate to wear medals on their chest. She’s never going to be able to do anything athletic again without people gossiping and feeling that because she’s intersex, that she’s not deserving to race on the same track as her.

And there’s the utter galling prospect that they’re going to award a second gold to the second place winner; congratulations Caster, you’re not really the winner here, but hey, you get to keep this gold medal, but we really know what that means…

Feel proud, everyone. This is what society and humanity has worked towards — the utter ruin of anyone who looks slightly different, who has a different body make up — see what happens when you dare try and compete against everyone else, and win.


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